You’ll be feeling bubbly off this 5inch bubbler. If there was a champagne of smoking, it might just be this glass piece we have for sale. Like champagne, this water pipe is plenty festive and full of bubbles. Every night can feel like New Year’s Eve after taking a few rips off of this magnificent fun filled glass bubbler.

Unlike actual bubbly, this glass bubbler won’t break the bank. It’s sturdy construction and features a large chamber so you can put the right amount of water in to filter your smoke. The wide, well-made downstem won’t break on you or clog easily like a narrower downstem. Plus, the carb lets you moderate the size of the hits you’re taking out of this elegant pipe!

Our Favorite Features

We think that glass bubbler pipes may be the perfect smoking device. And this may be the perfect bubbler. Glass pipe bring the party with its swirls patterned glass, but it is the exact right size for your smoking needs.

Say you like the cool, water-filtered smoke of your favorite bong, but it’s not all that practical to take your big bong anywhere in their backpack or purse. Bubblers are portable, can be used with or without water, plus they are easy to drain and clean.

Most importantly, they still give you the clean, easy smoking experience of larger water pipes.


Chamber for water filtration
Sturdy down-stem

How To Use

Step 1:Fill the chamber with water

Pour a small stream of water down the mouthpiece, then wipe it dry with a towel.

Need more in depth instructions, read our manual and watch the video tutorial on How to Use a Bubbler.

Step 2: Pack the bowl with ground product and place a finger over the carb

Get your lighter in hand.

Step 3: Flick your lighter, put your flame to the product and inhale

You’ll recognize the bubbling sound!

Step 4: Take your finger off the carb and continue inhaling

This will clear all the smoke from the glass bubbler chamber.

Step 4: Enjoy that cool smoke!


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